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Kentucky has long held a competitive advantage in the utility industries from a cost of doing business standpoint. The state has abundant coal reserves to produce affordable electric, sits in the center of the natural gas interstate pipeline system and is blessed with extensive water reserves from rivers, streams and lakes.

The majority of the state’s resources are consumed by industrial sources, who have located here due to reliable service at low cost. Kentucky’s energy advantages have led it to be the ninth highest consumer of energy in the United States.

Oversight of Kentucky’s utilities is conducted by the Kentucky Public Service Commission (PSC). Additionally, the Kentucky Department of Energy works to assure quality and efficiency of service.

Natural Gas


The majority of Kentucky’s natural gas is delivered via interstate pipeline from the Gulf of Mexico ensuring a competitive cost. A smaller amount is produced in state from the Eastern and Western Coalfield regions. To further ensure reliability of delivery Kentucky has several natural gas storage fields, one of the largest in the United States is located in Western Kentucky.

The average industrial cost of natural gas in Kentucky is 5.16 dollars per thousand cubic feet. This is sixth lowest in the United States. Larger industrial users, however, often negotiate for gas transport service at a substantially lower cost. Natural Gas supply and distribution in the KentuckyConnected region mirrors the rest of Kentucky with supply moving along the Texas Gas and Mid-Valley interstate pipelines and distribution through various local companies.


Regulated Gas Distribution Providers

Louisville Gas and Electric

Duke Energy

Carrollton Utilities


PSC Regulated Gas Distribution Utilities Map



Kentucky I-71 Connected’s electrical industrial power costs are among the lowest in the nation. If fact, on average, Kentucky’s power costs as a whole rank in the lower ten percent nationwide. The states average annual industrial rate of 5.33 cents per kilowatt hour is over twenty percent lower than the national average.

The majority of the state’s electricity is produced by coal with smaller amounts of natural gas, petroleum and hydro-electric providing most of the balance. The region currently has three coal fired units and one natural gas unit in operation. Electric delivery in the region is provided by investor owned utilities, a municipal electric provider and rural electric cooperatives.

Average annual cost per Kilowatt Hour (KWH) for Kentucky, selected states and the nation are shown below:


Several major power consumers including North American Stainless, Gallatin Steel and Dow Corning Corporation located in the area in large part due to low power costs and reliable service. Power cost can vary in Kentucky based on provider, demand load, peak loads, total usage and type of service required. Kentucky I-71 Connected’s providers and distributers strive to provide dependable and consistent electric service at the lowest cost possible.

If you would like to know what your electricity rate would be, we can help you. With a detailed description of your power needs, Kentucky I-71 Connected in cooperation with utility providers will develop a cost estimate for any specific location within the region.


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