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The Kentucky I-71 Connected region is uniquely situated to serve as a transportation and distribution hub for either local markets or world markets. The region is literally sandwiched between the cities of Louisville and Cincinnati. It is less than a day’s drive from any point in the area to the entire eastern half of the United States. This makes it an ideal location for operations where time and distance to market are critical business factors.

In addition to an exceptional geographical location, Kentucky I71 Connected offers a full range of transportation possibilities to business. Whether your business needs to move goods by highway, rail, water or air the region offers multiple options to satisfy your needs.


The Kentucky I-71 Connected region is traversed northeast to southwest by Interstate 71. It in turn is interconnected to eight other interstates and parkways in the Commonwealth that directly join Kentucky with the Eastern and Midwestern United States. Of major importance are both I-65 and I-75 which respectively link Chicago to the Gulf of Mexico at Mobile, Alabama and the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean at Miami. Another major thoroughfare is Interstate 64, a primary east-west corridor connecting the Chesapeake Bay to St. Louis, Missouri. The continuation of I-71 through Ohio provides access to Detroit and the Northeastern seaboard.


Kentucky Connected is located at the geographic center of the eastern US and within 600 miles of 60% of the nation's population

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